RIGHT people inspire each other. This is the element which powers Mr. Right Wedding & Event Ltd. The Mr. Right team consists of carefully selected professional and their inspiration creates a strong bond which brings the RIGHT member in the team. Our team of experienced planners have the knowledge, understanding and know how to guide you through the myriad of choices that need to be made. Saving your time, as well as avoiding expensive mistakes and unnecessary stress. We will seamlessly translate your vision of the perfect wedding into a spectacular event that is wonderful styled and truly yours!!
After being a businessman for twenty years, I finally made my dream come true to devote myself as a wedding and event planner. I am the Chief Planner of Mr. Right Wedding & Event Ltd.
During my school years in Australia, I attended a wedding that I was fascinated with excitement. My interest on wedding services and event planning rooted there. Years after, I arranged my own wedding all by myself. I enjoyed the whole process although it may be a big headache to most other people. I truly believe an unforgettable well organized wedding is a valuable gift to the couple. The big day should only be enjoyed, not to worry.
With my experience, passion and professional qualification gained from the Open University and Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), I am capable to perfect you a dream wedding.
Wedding is the most touchable moment in one’s life.” It is the notion that instilled in Mandy’s mind in the early part of her life – her neighbour’s wedding. “When I was still fascinated by the beautiful bride, I noticed many guests were crying non-stop for minutes.” Wedding is something more than the very outlook; it comprises of the promise between the couple, the wishes from the guests, and surely the effort of the wedding planners.
Graduated as a major in Journalism and Communications, Mandy possesses sound communication and presentation skills. Techniques in conveying ideas were also acquired during the placement in a newspaper agency. These entire make Mandy situate in a better position to pursue the career.
After qualifying as a certified international wedding planner, Mandy is going to uphold the dignity of the profession. “I am passionate in this job which is of bright prospect, and my belief shall never fade. Through proper cooperation with my trusted colleagues, I would like to bring our clients a miraculous wedding.”
Priscilla Cheung - she came from the industry of bridal styling, a chance for her to participant many weddings so that a major change in her life. She completed a Professional Certificate Wedding Planning Management and became a member in Association of Bridal Consultants. Priscilla has planned and serviced over 20 weddings and receptions. She is knowledgeable about all areas of planning, decorating, as well as bridal styling.
A professional wedding planning service enabling the couples to relax and enjoy every memorable moments in their wedding, therefore, team work and communications are the necessaries of wedding planning.
“I treat every wedding like it’s my own, very personal to my heart. I think it’s the reason I have remained friends with so many of my Brides over the years. People always ask me why a wedding planner? I simply say I take so much pride and joy in their happiness on their special day.”
When a man and a woman being into a relationship, that will be a lots of great love story. When the time fly you will probably forget those memorable moment.... But what if have the other person can help u get it out those love story deep down from you heart then will be a brilliant story to continue for the rest of yours life.
Through my life I’ve attended numerous weddings. On several occasions I have been touched by the atmosphere there and I would imagine one day if I could become a wedding planner I can bring the blessing to others. It has been my dream to use my expertise and knowledge to bring others an unforgettable wedding.
Wedding is a joyful event. And marriage is an important milestone in a life. It is not easy to find the beloved one. In the Chinese say, marrying with the one you love is the fate.
I have attended in some wedding ceremony. I noticed many of the new couples could not experience the unique, unforgetable and the most happy moments because of the conflicts during organising and being inexperienced.
So I studied in the Wedding Planning Program. I hope that I can use an professional knowledge and view to prepaer a wedding ceremony. Every details are well organised and the wedding ceremonies can become perfect. Everyone in the ceremony can realize the ideas of the couples and remain deep memories about the wedding ceremony. I am proud of these and these are my motivation to be a wedding planner.
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